The Portrait Photography of Kingston Modiselle

About the company

How would you describe your photographic style? 
Very evolutionary. I’ve always liked photographing the same subject matters like people, cityscapes and nature – but I enjoy finding new ways to capture the same things. Creativity comes from evolving with your own personal change and growth and I like to view my approach to my style as open and always curious.
What pushed you to start shooting film? 
I’ve always loved the way film looks and feels. A film image tells a story the minute its developed and exposed. There’s something about its tangibility and nostalgia factor that drew me in. 
I grew up around people using all kinds of cameras so I’ve always known they digital is technically superior, but film has a kind of liveliness and charm that can’t really be replicated in its absolute entirety. I love how unique film is, it matches how I view my work. 
How do you stay motivated? 
I try to do as many non-photography related activities as possible. Taking continuous and consistent breaks from my photo work to focus my mind on other things helps me stay rejuvenated. Balance, in whatever way we can manage it, is key. 
Who is your inspiration when it comes to photography?
I’ve recently been very inspired by cinematographers. I’m obsessed with the way Claire Mathon uses light for example, or how innovative other DOPs like Hoyte van Hoytema are when it comes to figuring out creative solutions to technical challenges. Creative movie makers inspire me the most for sure. 
What kind of photos do you hope to capture/ what kind of photography do you want to be known for?
I hope to capture photos that feel like a slice of life. In my perspective, photos are an art medium that communicate endless forms of ideas and creativity. 
The art of photography is so vast, my focus is to channel this medium into expressing life itself and how I see it. The easiest way to figure out who I am is through my work. I hope I express my love of portrait and lifestyle photography to the extend that I become known for it.
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